Tormented by a recurring nightmare, Otto (Henry Woolf) turns to home movies as a form of therapy. Ada (Jean Boht), his wheelchair-bound wife, inspires and disturbs his reminiscences as he wrestles with his infirm equipment. When image, dream and reality merge, Otto and Ada confront the pivotal point in their lives.

smallfilm facts

Writer/director Richard Lawrence and actor Henry Woolf first worked together in 1983 when Henry directed a play by Richard at the Guild Hall in Whitehorse, Yukon. smallfilm was written with Henry in mind for the role of Otto.

Jean Boht accepted the role of Ada after reading the script and learning of the opportunity to work with Henry Woolf. Jean and Henry were both members of the National Theatre Company in London in the early 1970s but had never performed together before smallfilm.

The home movie segments used in smallfilm were selected from thousands of feet of 8mm footage collected by Richard over three years. In that time, he also amassed a collection of over thirty projectors, from which he chose three for the film.

smallfilm is an anglicized version of the German word 'Schmalfilm,' meaning narrow-gauge film. It is the first Yukon-produced film to be shot on 35mm.

Canada Council for the Arts provided core funding for the film.

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